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About us

Bergfeld Lasertech GmbH is a very young, small, but rapidly growing company in Aachen. We specialized in the development of laser processes for thin layers and surfaces with electrical functionality. Applications are primarily in photovoltaics (perovskite and OPV), battery electrodes, fuel cells, catalysts for hydrogen production, and printed and organic electronics. Our customers are mainly research institutions, startup companies, and, increasingly, established manufacturing companies. In particular, the company manufactures laser systems for glove boxes, which are currently being delivered within the European Union and North America. We also provide support for the integration of laser technology into mass production systems through concepts, laser processing modules, and laser safety reporting and certification.

R&D laser scriber for perovskite solar cells (psc)

R&D laser systems for rent

Laser systems for glove box

Laser systems for lithium ion battery (LIB) electrodes

Laser systems for fuel cell and hydrogen reformer

Laser safety certificates for machines and laboratoties